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Given the epidemiological situation in Croatia, our neighborhood, but also rest of the world, the fact that the World Health Organization has declared the global pandemic and Europe as the new epicenter, and for the benefit of all of you, your families, our staff and all others with whom we are in daily contact, we share some important information and guidelines with you:

➡ We urge all patients to contact us by phone before arrival to the hospital if they or someone in their environment has been in the COVID-19 virus-exposed areas or in contact with infected patients in the past 14 days

➡ We urge all patients who have or have had any symptoms of the disease in the last 14 days (fever, weakness, muscle pain, respiratory problems, cough) to make sure to contact us by phone before arrival to the hospital

➡ We urge all patients, when entering the hospital, to properly disinfect hands on the devices which are installed for this

➡ Patient escorts are only allowed to reach the elevator on the ground floor of our building. If the patient needs further assistance – please give us a call so our medical staff will come to the ground floor to pick up the patient

➡ Visits to our patients are forbidden

Department for neurosurgery (dr. Saftic and dr. Houra)
☎ +385-1-3877-413

Department for orthopedic surgery (dr. Miskulin and dr. Radic)
☎ +385-1-3877-890

We thank everyone in advance for their discipline, patience and understanding. Only by working together can we reduce the spread of this viral disease and thus contribute to our community in the fight against it.

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