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Interview with Mr. Roberto Posavec – head of international patient relations at Axis Special Hospital

Mr. Roberto PosavecMedical and Wellness Tourism talks to Spine Surgery Croatia founder, Roberto Posavec, about why he decided to enter the medical tourism industry, his service offering and what the future holds…

MWT: At such a young age, what inspired you to enter the medical tourism industry?

There are two main reasons. Firstly, my family situation, in which my mother suffered from a spinal disorder and had five spine surgeries. Her situation connected me to world-leading spinal
surgeons from whom I adopted much knowledge that allowed me to offer advocacy and advising services. Secondly, spinal medicine is rapidly advancing and most patients are not aware of this. They are not aware that modern spine surgeries do not include any cutting or tissue damage and patient satisfaction is very high.

MWT: What do you currently offer patients visiting your facility?

Our team offers the most advanced minimally-invasive spinal surgery treatments whilst caring and honest patient consulting and advocacy services are also provided. We educate patients about their disease and help in connecting them to leading spinal surgeons and help them choose appropriate treatments when considering their diagnosis. The range of our service offering is endless but some include being the middle-man in connecting patients and doctors together, translation services while we are also able to provide documentation digitalisation services. When you choose to be operated on by one of our surgeons you need not worry as we help in managing visas and other documentation, airport or hotel pick-up, accommodation and we can also support patients with a direct communication line to family and friends back home.

MWT: Who are you targeting and how do you market your company?

Most of our patients are from the European Union countries. Spain, Portugal, Germany and Slovakia provide the majority of our business, however, enquiries are coming from all over the world. Right now we are mainly focusing on the European market but there are plans afoot to expand to the US and Middle East as well. With regards to marketing, our website is extremely user and search engine friendly where we promote our services and the clinic. We mainly focus promoting our site via the Internet, especially using other sites dedicated to medical tourism. In order to reach as many patients as we possibly can, we also offer support and information via our social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, MSN and Skype. Our frst enquiry actually came through Skype and that is what helped us very much.

MWT: How did demand grow for the business and what are your plans for the future?

Demand grew primarily through doing more promotional activities via the Internet but mainly from the spreading of minimally-invasive surgery worldwide patients are starting to search about it themselves. Now when they are searching they all see our clinic.

Interview was published in October 2010 issue of Medical and Wellness Tourism Magazine. Click here to download PDF version.