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Online Consultations

Axis Special Hospital (Vertebris International Spine and Joint Hospital) offers a comprehensive and detailed review of your CAT/MRI film or CD with no obligation to you, however make sure your CAT/MRI is less than 6 months old. Depending on the case, our neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons will review your scans and give you a “second opinion”. Report of his findings will then be sent to you and we will discuss the findings with you to see if you are a candidate for minimally-invasive surgical procedures performed in our hospital.

Please prepare your :

  • MRI/CAT/X-Ray films or CD,
  • Filled patient history form,
  • Written description of your current pains, problems and symptoms,
  • Any other relevant medical documentation.

There are few methods of MRI transfer:

Uploading MRI to the server (2 methods):
    1. If you have MRI on CD, please open CD manually with “My Computer”, compress all the files from the CD to ZIP or RAR format, and upload the file to any free web server like,,, etc. Send us the download link(s) via e-mail – Read our Ultimate Guide to Spine/Joint MRI, CAT or X-Ray CD Transfer.
    2. If you have MRI films, you can put them on a light source and take a pictures with a digital camera (example image). After that, you can upload image files to any free web server like,,, etc.  Send us the download link(s) via e-mail –
Sending by e-mail (2 methods):
    1. If you are able to extract images from MRI viewer software, you can send images via e-mail –
    2. If you have MRI films, and you pictured them with a digital camera, you can send that images via e-mail –
Sending by normal post (DHL and FedEx):

If you prefer sending by normal post (DHL and FedEx) please use only this address, and inform us via e-mail prior to sending:

attn. dr. Robert Saftic
Petrovaradinska 1/8
10000 Zagreb
Contact phone: +385 95 805 67 97

For sending documentation via e-mail or via 3rd party servers – we offer you free assistance via telephone/Skype.

EDIT (February 2017): Due to extremely large number of e-mail and inquiries from all over the world for our service of “free second opinion” we no longer offer this service. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience caused. For more info please e-mail us at:

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...or fill in the form on our Contact page: