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Patients visiting Croatia for spinal surgery from all over the world!

Patients visiting Croatia for spinal surgery from all over the world!

It’s fascinating what are people prepared to do for health – even flying thousands of miles and meeting an unknown surgeon and patient advocate. Thats is why are we trying to approach every single patient very friendly but also very professionally and individually. Cost is the most significant factor that determines a person’s decision to travel abroad for health care, according to a recent study published by a renowned medical tourism consultant. The international survey, which was conducted by UAE-based expert, revealed that that affordability was deemed to be the key driver for those seeking medical treatment outside of their own countries, with 88% of respondents marking this as the prime reason.

Until now, since Spine Surgery Croatia (also known as Vertebris International Spine Hospital) started in 2010, we have attracted numerous patients from all over the world, but understandingly most of them from Europe. In this article, we will write something about them and enable personal connection between You (possible patient interested in treatment in our clinic) and our old patients that were already treated here.

M.M. from Egypt
Vital 55 years old male patient with severe spinal stenosis at L3-L4 and herniated disc at L4-L5. Treated in Croatia in January 2011 with 100% success. As already mentioned, diagnosis was spinal stenosis and treatment was Coflex surgery and micro-decompression for spinal stenosis and PLDD (laser disc decompression) for herniated disc. Patient was walking without assistance immediately after surgery. Now, after 4 months patient is pain free and back to his life and daily activities.

M.B. from Romania
50 years old male from Romania first contacted us over a year ago. Together with us, he has contacted numerous of other clinics and facilitators to get appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. For several reasons, he was unhappy with replies from others and decided to come for treatment in Croatia by the end of April 2011. Diagnosis was disc protrusion (contained) at L5-LS1 and treatment was endoscopic discectomy with interlaminar approach. Despite some discomfort and pains after surgery, patient is now almost pain free and will soon be back to his life and normal daily activities.

G.A. from Spain
Our first international patient, treated in mid 2010. Patient diagnosis was disc extrusion at L4-L5 and treatment was selective endoscopic discectomy. Immediately after surgery patient was feeling better. Regular follow-up’s were made and now after one year patient is back to his pain free life.

A.H. from United Kingdom
Unfortunate guy! He came to us with disc protrusion at L5-S1 which was successfully treated nine months ago. Patient was doing OK, back to work and daily activities. Unfortunately, he had accident while skiing and his disc has extruded. After follow-up MRI, we have concluded that patients needs endoscopic surgery as permanent treatment for his problems. Now, after few months patient has informed as that he is fresh as new, back to his life, job and daily activities.

D.G. from Germany
30 years old soccer player from Munich came to us 6 months ago. His diagnosis was annular tear at L4-L5 and primary back pain caused by disc degenereation. Treatment was selective endoscopic discectomy with thermal annulopasty. After 6 months patient is pain-free and back to second most important thing in the world – football.

There are more success stories, especially from local patients coming from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or any questions.

All surgeries are performed by doctor Robert Saftic, neurosurgeon and pioneer in minimally-invasive spinal surgery in Croatia and south-eastern Europe. Special interests include minimally-invasive spinal surgery with philosophy of choosing most effective and least invasive methods of treating spinal disorders and diagnosis of pain in low back, neck, legs and arms. Internationally accepted and known expert in field of laser, METRx and endoscopic spine surgery which is proved by invitations to all leading spinal congresses and by publishing results in medical journals.

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