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Pricing is one of the most important factors of making a decision about traveling for medical treatment. That is why we have made a special model for medical tourists and international patients that will ensure value for price – state of the art spinal surgical procedures at affordable prices.

Our prices are indeed special for several reasons:

  • 50% lower price than same procedure in Spain or Portugal
  • 30-40% lower price than same procedure in United Kingdom, France or Germany
  • price gets even lower if you require additional surgery (another level, another side or repeated surgery for reccurence)

Please have in mind that quoted prices may  not be final ones. Procedure cost my be higher or even lower, depends on every patients needs, diagnosis and current sitation. Your condition may even need combined laser and endoscopic surgery or it can include several implants. Your condition may also require some less-invasive diagnostic/therapeutic treatments we can also provide. Please contact us for detailed quote and correct pricing.

Quoted price MAY include following, depending on each case:

  • Surgical treatment – as agreed and consulted with our spinal or orthopedic surgeons
  • Anesthesia (in most of the cases surgeries are performed in aware state – sedation and spinal anesthesia)
  • Doctor correspondence and translation services (24/7 contact prior to your trip to Croatia)
  • Zagreb sightseeing prior or after the surgery
  • Up to 3 nights in a hotel or apartment (depending on availability and duration of stay)
  • Full board – all inclusive package (unlimited meals and other services in the hotel or apartment, for 2 persons)
  • Support line for friends and family back home
  • Transport services during you stay in Croatia (unlimited)

Price also depends on duration of your visit and some other factors. Please contact us for more details.

Please contact us for detailed and personalized quote.

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