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Meet Our Associates

Meet our loyal and valuable associates, the top experts we work with to provide you, our patients, with an even greater level of care. Dubravko Huljev, – surgeon, traumatologist, plastic surgeon Dubravko Huljev, – surgeon, traumatologist, plastic surgeon Dubravko Huljev, MD, specialist in general surgery, subspecialist in traumatology and subspecialist in plastic reconstruction and aesthetic surgery joined the team of associates of the AXIS Specialty Hospital during 2020. Damir Kovač, – neurosurgeon Damir Kovač, – neurosurgeon

dr. Kovač is very experienced spinal surgeon (neurosurgeon), most probably the most experienced spinal surgeon in Croatia with more than 6500 successfully treated patients. His focus of interest are lumbar herniated discs and spinal stenosis syndromes. Dr. Kovač is first neurosurgeon who introduced nowadays very popular term “minimally-invasive spinal surgery” to Croatia in 1989. after […] Ernest Irha, – orthopedist Ernest Irha, – orthopedist

dr. Irha was specialized abroad in area of foot and ankle surgery. His particular interest is treatment of all kinds foot deformities and flat feet (fallen arches). He is also skilled in fixing all deformities of anterior, middle and posterior part of the feet, reconstructions with preservation of foot function in deformities associated with neurological diseases in adults and children, sports injuries to the foot and ankle, ankle arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction in unstable ankles. dr. Irha is subspecialist in pediatric orthopedic surgery.

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