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Spinal Surgery in Europe: Price Comparison

With soaring health care costs and long waits for medical procedures, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality, affordable treatment. Whether you want spinal surgery or life-saving procedures, you might have to dig deep into your wallet or wait several months before receiving the medical care that you require.

The cost savings patients can make on having treatment abroad often means they have the means to enjoy a holiday before or after a medical procedure. Often the savings made are so great that even including the cost of flights, a luxury holiday and medical treatment, many medical tourists still make a significant saving against treatment costs at home.

We have explored prices of minimally-invasive spinal surgery and procedures for you, we have compared Croatia to Germany, USA and United Kingdom. As you can see, our prices are most competitive.

Croatia Germany USA UK
Micro-endoscopic Discectomy from 6000 € 11.000 € 25.000 € 15.000 €
Micro-endoscopic Foraminotomy from 6000 € 10.000 € 25.000 € 15.000 €
Endoscopic Discectomy from 6000 € 12.000 € 25.000 € 15.000 €
Laminectomy from 6000 € 10.000 € 25.000 € 15.000 €
Spinal Fusion from 10.000 € 30.000 € 150.000 € 30.000 €
Artificial Disc Replacement from 15.000 € 25.000 € 150.000 € 30.000 €

Please also note that Croatian price does not only include costs of surgery and medical services, but also pre-operative and post-operative check-up, intraoperative X-rays, necessary medications, hotel accommodation with meals for patient and companion, transport during the stay. No hidden or extra costs.

Prices in other countries include only medical treatment costs.

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