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MBST – Magnetic Nuclear ResonanceTherapy

MBST® is a top-grade medical technology and a unique method which regenerates cartilage and promotes bone growth. This method represents a revolutionary step in healing bone-joint illnesses. MBST® is based on the principle of a cell magnetic resonance. With an electro-magnetic energy from an outer source, the hydrogen nuclei are activated, so they start producing energy. This energy is directed in the relevant region where it activates chondrocytes (cartilage-producing cells), or osteoblasts (bone-producing cells), depending on the program we wish to apply.

Conditions which MBST successfully heals: Hip: Osteoarthritis (arthrosis), rheumatoid arthritis, problems caused by changes on tendons and bursae (bursitis). Knee, ligaments: Osteoarthritis (arthrosis), rheumatoid arthritis, ligament sprain, injuries and painful conditions of ligaments, menisci and tendons. Foot, ankle: Osteoarthritis (arthrosis), plantar fasciitis, injuries and painful conditions of ligaments and tendons. Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand: Osteoarthritis (arthrosis), rheumatoid arthritis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, tenosinovitis, other injuries and painful conditions of ligaments and tendons. Cervical spine: arthrosis of small joints of cervical spine, whiplash injury, muscle stiffness. Thoracic and lumbar spine: spondylosis, spondyarthrosis, lumbago, lumboischialgia, muscle stiffness, small joints arthrosis, intervertebral disc degeneration. Other illnesses: osteoporosis

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