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Painful Back and Joints

Nowadays, locomotor system medical disorders have become more common than ever. Acute and chronic pain in the neck and lumbar spine are more frequent because of today’s way of living – long periods of sitting, inadequate exercising and poor ergonomic postures in everyday activities. Symptoms such as a strong pain expanding to arms and legs, together with a tingling sensation, are the most common signs of spinal conditions. The physical therapy and rehabilitation consists of blocking the pain with analgesic procedures, easing the tension in certain muscle groups and ameliorating muscle bulk of the abdominal and back musculature. We also pay attention to educating patients on how to rest at home (e.g. William’s position helps with pains in the lumbar segment), how to maintain right ergonomic positions and which exercises to do in order to prolong the effects of the physical therapy and rehabilitation as much as possible and to stop the development of degenerative processes.

Acute painful joint conditions such as distortion injuries and ligament straining are common problems in young as well as older population. Consequences of such injuries are joint instability and muscle imbalance which need to be cured. The key to success are prompt physio-kinesiotheraphy and education about procedures which need to be implemented at home (e.g. icepacks, application of adequate analgesic gels, extremity elevation, avoiding pain-provoking factors). Another condition which needs to be mentioned is a gout or uric acid arthritis which often causes acute pain in joints. An adequate diet with a low intake of purine-rich food, and medicamentous and physical therapy soon result in regression of problems.

With chronic painful conditions, such as the increasingly common joint arthrosis, especially in knees and hips, it is important to stop the development of degenerative processes. Very often, gradual optimization of body weight and strengthening of hypotrophic musculature of upper legs are enough for desired results to show. After an individual and programmed physio-kinesiotheraphy, symptoms such as pain and swelling of joints and difficulties in walking up/down stairs reduce, which makes both the physician and the patient content.

A frequent problem of rheumatoid arthritis is a big challenge for doctors nowadays. In general, symptoms of the disease are migrating pains in joints, morning stiffness and swelling of small hand joints which disappear with exercising, fatigue, general bad physical condition and subfebrility. Prompt diagnose, adequate medicamentous therapy and physical therapy are a triad which results in a successful remission of the illness.

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