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Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

Before a planned operative procedure, whether it is a knee arthroscopy, shoulder or ankle surgery, a joint endoprosthesis implantation or else, it is highly recommended to do a high-quality and aimed preoperative physio-kinesiotherapy, which is often wrongfully neglected. Before the beginning of the physical therapy and rehabilitation program, we recommend doing a Biodex 3 System testing to get a realistic picture of musculature condition and to begin with strengthening of the defective muscle group.

The point of the preoperative physical therapy and rehabilitation is to:

  • Improve general fitness of the patient in order to make the recovery in the postoperative period quicker and less painful;
  • Optimize patient’s body weight, if necessary;
  • Improve muscle bulk, which is the most important factor. Due to pain which is generally the most important symptom and the reason for surgical procedure, patients often favor their affected extremity which results in hypertrophy or muscle weakness. Before a planned surgery, it is necessary to strengthen musculature to make the postoperative rehabilitation easier. Muscle strengthening is especially important for athletes who will benefit from a high-quality physical therapy and rehabilitation in terms of faster recovery of their body fitness and preparation for new achievements.

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