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Why in Croatia?

You must be wondering why people are traveling to Croatia for spine and joint surgery, what is so special about Croatia and is it safe there? We will try to clear all your doubts about Croatia, Zagreb and of course – our hospital. Here in Croatia, we can offer you world-class surgical techniques for far less money then anywhere else in the world.

  • Full Name: Republic of Croatia
  • Population: 4,480,043 (July 2011 est.)
  • Capital city: Zagreb (capital) 685,000 (2009)
  • Total size: 56,594 km2
  • Terrain: Diverse- flat plains, low mountains and islands
  • Climate: Mediterranean and Continental
  • Official language: Croatian
  • Currency: Croatian Kuna (HRK)

Benefits of surgery in Croatia

  • Save money – You can make significat savings compared to your country costs
  • Save time – You can beat national health care system waiting lists
  • Excellent quality – Our surgeons are leaders in their field
  • After care – Effective and seamless after care program
  • Outpatient procedures  – You can even turn your trip into a holiday

Facts about Croatia

  • Croatia is 28th member state of the European Union since 1st July 2013
  • Croatia has very low crime rate
  • Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, is modern European town with highly developed infrastructure
  • Most of the people in Croatia are familiar with English language
  • There is no war in Croatia – war was ended almost 20 years ago

Facts about our hospital and local medical system

  • Croatia has many world-class medical facilities across the country
  • Croatia is one of the world leaders in transplantation medicine
  • Croatian hospitals has very low infection rates
  • 0% infection rate in three years of existence of Axis Special Hospital (Vertebris Spine and Joint Hospital)
  • Axis Special Hospital’s (Vertebris Spine and Joint Hospital) surgeons are Croatian leaders in orthopedic, neurological and spinal surgery and are globally recognized for their share in development of advanced surgical techniques, especially of minimally-invasive spinal surgery
  • Patients from all over the world are traveling to Croatia to undergo spine and joint surgery